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Tampons - 16 x Regular

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  • Certified Organic
  • 100% cotton and nothing else!!
  • Biodegradable

No chemical bleaches, no dyed strings, no “silky smooth” polypropylene (plastic) coating. Our tampons are as comfortable, easy to use and absorbent as any other tampon. Plus, our cleverly designed slim packs mean no more tampons jumping around in your handbag.

TOM’s range of feminine hygiene products are made using the purest organic cotton on earth; breathable, comfortable, hypoallergenic, TOM offers reliable, chemical free protection and peace of mind. Using TOM products ensures that the most delicate and absorbent area of your body is only in contact with the finest organic cotton.

Flow and Quantity - Regular / 2 x 8 packs (16 tampons)

Approximately 11g absorbency. Suitable for medium flow.



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