Motherhood FT 1 formula

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This ChinaMed Motherhood FT 1 (Fertility Support) formula is a Chinese herbal formula designed to help strengthen and nourish the reproductive system.   This formula is particularly helpful in supporting follicular and ovum development in the first half of a reproductive cycle.  By strengthening and nourishing the reproductive system, this formula may also help the uterus prepare for embryo implantation. 

This formula is suited to strengthening and nourishing prior to attempting to conceive and in the first half of a conception cycle.  After ovulation/conception (approx day 14) the Motherhood FT2 formula is more suitable.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Actions: Regulates the Qi and activates the Blood, tonifies the Kidney and nourishes the Blood. 

Indications: Support and balance of women's physiology and function



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