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228g Raspberry flavour

For Fast Replenishment of Zinc with Vitamin C.

Zinc and vitamin C have been shown to or may:

  • Reduce the severity and duration of colds.1,2
  • Assist in the healthy development of motor attention skills in children.3
  • Zinc sulfate for fast zinc replenishment.4

Clinical Benefits

  • Reduce severity and duration of colds and support healthy immune function: A Cochrane Review plus numerous randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind trials have shown vitamin C to reduce severity of colds in adults and children.1,5,6 An additional scientific review of 21 studies found supplementation with vitamin C to result in a reduction in both the severity of symptoms and duration of the common cold by an average of 23%.2
  • Healthy motor and attention skill development in children: A randomised, placebo controlled trial on 114 children plus adouble-blind controlled trial on 740 children found zinc supplementation to improve motor skills and neuropsychologic performance, respectively.
  • Zinc sulfate for fast zinc replenishment. Multiple observational studies have shown zinc sulfate to be one of the highest absorbed forms of zinc and the fastest form of zinc to be absorbed.7,8 Also, a review of a number of studies on zinc bioavailability have shown that zinc sulfate in an aqueous solution is highly soluble to replenish plasma zinc levels more quickly than other, less soluble sources of zinc.9

A Large Proportion of the Population are Zinc Deficient.

A Large Proportion of the Population are Zinc Deficient.

Free from animal products, dairy protein, lactose, eggs, gluten, wheat, nuts, yeast, soy protein and salt. Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Sweetened with steviol glycosides.

Warning: Not to be used in children under two years of age without medical advice.

Proudly supporting the

Mindd Foundation


Adults: Adults and children over 12 years: Add ½ metric teaspoon (1.9 g) to 200 mL of water or juice once daily, immediately after food.

Children aged 5-12 years: Add ¼ metric teaspoon to 100 mL of water or juice once daily, immediately after food.

For motor and attention skills in children: Take twice daily, immediately after food.


Each 1.9 g dose contains:


Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)

1.0 g

Zinc sulfate monohydrate

62 mg

Equivalent Zinc

23 mg

Potassium citrate

400 mg

Equivalent Potassium

145 mg

Magnesium phosphate

24 mg

Equivalent Magnesium

5.0 mg

Pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6)

5.0 mg

Standardised extract equivalent to:


Dunaliella salina (fresh cell)

4.3 mg

Equivalent Carotenoids calculated as



170 microgram



Store below 30° C



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