Cylindrical Shaped Ear Candles - Cream

Cylindrical Shaped Ear Candles - Cream

Indian Ear Candle Dense Therapeutics

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100% organic materials, 100% natural bees wax, pure oil. All the materials are handmade and comply with the requirements for environmental protection.


No smoke, no ash; steady flame; Harmless to skin and on the sage side with high quality oil.


Ear candle is a hollow wax stick with special techniques, with main ingredients as natural honey, Moxa grass and pure vegetation oil. The metabolism process that ear candles apply is that one end to put into ear hole and another end tube lighted, under theory of vacuum, the Heat energy produced will gradually enter the ear, loose the earwax and eliminate the pores waste. Ear candles can keep the ear drum clean, improve hearing, decrease tinnitus, promote lymph circulation and release the pressure in side the cranial cavity. During the lighting, the oil will be completely absorbed by skin, thus the toxins inside body and cranium will be discharged from the body, which can result in a special effect of loosening nerves, and pressure, improving the sleeplessness and removing the pains.

Main function

  • Relaxation & relieve stress
  • Removing earwax
  • Overcoming an ear infection
  • Sharpen hearing 
  • Overcoming insomnia, migraine, vertigo, reduces sinusitis and other ear problems. 

Purchase amount

  • One pair for $4 
  • Two pairs for $7 
  • Three pairs for $10 
  • Four pairs for $12 
  • Five pairs for $13

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