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Bio-Compatibility Hair Analysis Hair Analysis & Wellness Programme The Bio-Compatibility System is the result of over thirty years of research and development by qualified Naturopaths in Australia. This is a Naturopathic Wellness programme which is used in more than 20 countries. Here is how it works The technique is based on the way in which the foods and products benefit the individual person. Each person is unique so it obviously follows that when it comes to foods and household products that ‘one size does not fit all’. Each individual has his/her own nutritional and energy requirements. Have you noticed that some foods give you good energy while others seem to drag you down and seem to aggravate existing symptoms? Bio-Compatibility Hair Analysis is about finding local foods and household products that suit the individual. It is not based on Nutritional advice nor is it a Medical programme designed to treat diseases. This 6month WELLNESS PROGRAMME follows the Naturopathic principle, “Feed the body correctly and allow the body to repair itself”. Using a hair sample, Bio-Compatibility testing identifies the influence (either positive or negative) that each of a wide range of foods and products has on the individual body. This way we are able to determine which foods and products should be avoided and which can be used. Remember, feed the body correctly and it can function much better. What our hair analysis test covers Our standard test covers a list of 500 items — including all food groups, bathroom, laundry, Gluten-free and kitchen products. The focus is on what you CAN eat and use rather than what you can’t. It includes common local brands found in supermarkets and health food stores. Each item is tested in the form it is usually consumed (both raw and/or cooked where applicable). 6-month WELLNESS PROGRAMME we then test your compatibility with over 500 local foods and products. We use these test results to develop your personal Wellness Programme. You receive a very comprehensive 16 page report which includes full instructions for the 6 month period. The Report includes Test results for over 500+ items from local supermarkets. Day to day instructions to help you implement the programme correctly General information on the different food groups A ‘4week Progress form’ which you fill out and return to me. I use this information to assess your progress and make changes if necessary. Your response to the programme is individual so we like to follow-up and assist you to gain the most benefit.

500 + List List subject to change

GREEN VEGETABLES Asparagus Beans Bockchoy Brussell Sprouts CabbageCelery Choy sum Leeks Lettuce Olives OKRA Parsley Rocket Shallots Snow Peas Wombok OTHER VEGETABLES Avocado B/Beans W.Worths Org Baked Beans (Heinz) Baked Beans SPC Beetroot Broccoli Button Squash Capsicum Carrot Cauliflower Choko Corn Cucumber Eggplant Fennel Gherkins (bottle) Mushroom all Onion Parsnip Peas Potato Pumpkin Silverbeet/Spinach Swede Sweet Potato Tomato Turnip Zucchini MEATS Bacon Beef Chicken Duck Ham Kangaroo Lamb Pork Turkey SEEDS Linseed/oil/meal Pumpkin Sesame Sunflower Chia FRUIT Apples Apricot Banana Cherries Dates Fig Grapefruit Grapes Honey Dew Melon Kiwifruit Lemon Limes Lychee Mandarine Mango Nectarine Oranges Passionfruit Pawpaw Peaches Pears Pineapple Plums Prunes Raisins / Sultanas Rockmelon Watermelon OILS / FATS Avocado oil Coconut oil Ghee Grape Seed Oil Macadamia oil Olive Oil Rice Bran Oil Sesame oil Sunflower (Crisco) SEAFOOD Calamari Fish ( white ) Salmon Sardine in oil Shellfish (All) Tuna BERRIES Fresh & Frozen Blackberry Blueberry Raspberry Strawberry SPROUTS Alfalfa sprouts Mung Beans Snow pea sprouts NUTS Almonds/meal Brazil Cashews Hazel Macadamia Pecans Pine Nuts Pistachio Walnut ALCOHOL Beer Bourbon Brandy Gin Kahlua Rum Tia Maria Vodka Whiskey Wine Red Wine White/champagne OTHER DRINKS Caro Ecco Coffee (all) Cola (all) Cranberry Juice Drinking Choc (Cadbury) Fanta (Orange) Ginger Ale Jarra Hot chocolate L LOYDS Org Prune juice Milo Ovaltine Ribeena Rooiboos Tea Sprite-Lemonade Schweppes Lemonade Soda Water Tonic water Tea (black) HERBAL TEAS Chamomile Tea Dandelion Tea Green Tea Olive Leaf Tea Peppermint Tea BISCUITS Arnott Orange Arnott Delta Cream Crackers Snaps Crackers Premium Jatz original Milk Arrowroot Sakata plain Sao Vita Weat original HERBS/dried & fresh Basil Chives Coriander Mixed Herbs Oregano Rosemary SAUCES AYAM Oyster B.B.Q Eta B.B.Q. Master Foods Hoi Sin Horseradish Mayo. Praise Traditional Mayonnaise Kraft Soy sauce (ALL) Sweet Chilli Fountain Tomato HEINZ big red Tomato Paste Leggo’s Tomato paste Select Tomato Sauce Fountain Worcester sauce DRIED VEGETABLES Chick Peas Coconut Dried Beans Lentils Split Peas STOCK Beef Stock (Magi) Beef Stock (Massel) Bonox Chicken Stock (Magi) Chicken Stock (Massel) Miso Massel Gravy mix Vegetable Stock (Massel) SUGARS/ Sweeteners Agave Golden Syrup Honey Manuka Honey Maple Syrup Palm Sugar Stevia Sugar Brown Sugar Raw Sugar White Xylitol OTHER MILKS Coconut milk Oat milk Rice Milk (So-Natural) Rice Milk (Australia’s Own) Rice Milk (Rice Dream) Soy Milk So-Good Soy Milk So Natural Bon Soy FLOUR / GRAINS Cornflour [wheat free] Pasta (Durham wheat) Rice Brown (ALL) Rice White (ALL) Rice noodles White Flour (plain & S.R.) Wholemeal Flour (ALL) HERB-SPICECONDIMENT All spice Baking Powder Bay Leaf Bi Carb Soda Baking Powder Cajun Spices


Nordic Fish Oils Psyllium Rose Hip Oil Tissue Salts/celloids Slippery Elm Powder Spirulina Barley Green Wheat grass Herbal Fibre blend ISOwhey Protein Powder CREAMS AND OINTMENTS Arnica (Martin & Pleasance) Calendula (Martin & Pleasance) Comfrey (Martin & Pleasance) Chickweed (Greenridge) Papaw ointment (Lucas) Thuja (Martin & Pleasance) Sorbolene PETRO CHEMICALS Diesel Kerosene Methylated Spirits Petrol Engine oil Cigarette Smoke CHEMIST PRODUCTS Aspro Nurofen Panadine Paracetamol Heron Paracetamol Panadol HEALTH SHOP/ ORGANIC Barley Grain Bean Broad Bean Kidney Bean Lima Bean Adzuki Bean Borlotti Bean Cannellini Carob Chickpea Splits Cous Cous Cranberries Dried Coconut water Flour Amaranth Flour BESAN Flour Buckwheat Flour Coconut Flour Kamut Flour Maize Flour Rye Flour Soy Flour Spelt Flour Tapioca Gogi Berries Hazelnut Meal Maca Powder Millet Grain Moong Dahl Nori Butter Chicken OZGANICS Thai Green Curry OZGANICS Quinoa Flakes Rapadura Sugar Raw Cacao Red Lentils Wild Blueberry Wild Raspberries Wild Rice Potato Flour Psyllium Tapico Flour Falafel raw cacao CELLOIDS SS69 SP96 S79 PS 29 PP85 PC73 MP 65 IP82 CS 36 CP 57 CF43



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